It’s tough to let go of beautiful things…..

image… like a  beautiful friend who loves you dearly  and with who you share the customary onion soup on some weekday noons, a beautiful home you slowly build for  yourself , a crooked papaya tree that give out fruits exactly when your baby reaches the solids stage…. You miss oddities like  your walking/ jogging  buddies or who you think are your buddies just because you run past them every morning or afternoon or night and funnily they too are out at that time …. You miss that school in which your toddler studied for just three months just because the walls of the school had such cute paintings and those little teensy artists were treated with such respect  …. You miss that very polite shopkeeper who smiled at you and greeted you and took out the fresher pack of cauliflower for you…. You miss the bad breakfast you loved to hate every Sunday morning at the clubhouse because you want to desperately eat out like you used to before the baby came but then 50 steps from the house is all you can manage …. You miss that Saree shop you and your mother bought sarees from and keot your source a secret  …. You miss that small familiar fish shop from whence once a week a rohu was sent to you at home chopped up exactly the way you wanted with odd numbered  mackerel fillets and some dry fish for that Assamese potato mash….


You miss the annoying tailor who would always miss his deadlines and smile goofily at you …. You miss the rare green canopy of trees on the otherwise chaotic street close to your house …. You miss an enthusiastic  friend who more than once whipped up  lovely clay pot meals … You miss kind people who offer you company when you are lonesome ….You miss people who buy you a thoughtful gift on your birthday …. . Those things are beautiful.. Those people …. Those moments  …and letting go is so hard!!! If letting go is something we really do at all….

Like all good things we just get to borrow the beautiful things from eternity and hand it right back ….. As Rumi said … life is a balance between holding on and letting go!!!!


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